Ignite Success

Poem: What Did You Create Today?

What did you create today? What did you build? Did you shift and shape something that moved you? Or just incur another bill? Did you add to the list of your creations? Or put more cash in the till? Hit me up when you've built something worth while. I'll be shaping my...

Episode 215 – Mission and Margin

You’ve got to have both Mission AND Margin to achieve your BIG GOAL.Mission needs Margin. Margin needs Mission. You can’t have one without the other.

Episode 214 – The Perfect Video Content Bull$h!t

Episode 214 - The Perfect Video Content Bull$h!t Video is obviously the next medium to take full hold. I think it may rock Instagram a bit, which still is primarily simply photos. But I meet a ton of people who are struggling to take the leap and do the video....

Episode 213 – EVERY Offering Needs Marketing

Episode 213 - EVERY Offering Needs Marketing Can Something Sell Itself? Nope. Never. Not gonna happen. If you had a stellar offering, would it sell itself? HECK NO! https://youtu.be/nWD-wurGbEM Every offering in the world is just an idea. If you look at the word, it...

Episode 212 – The 1 Reason I Didn’t Quit My Mastermind

What you derive from each of these mastermind groups can vary based on why they started. But ALL of them fail for the same reasons. A member of a mastermind group will stop because they no longer feel they are getting value that is more core to the human experience.

When to Stand and Fight as Marketing

When and how you fight back is marketing because it affects your Tribe. The methods by which you fight back will carry the rest of the way. Remember the goal: to model to those who are entrusting you as the protector of the brand how your Tribe responds to these situations.

Are You Crafting You?

Craft is the fine work of refining yourself. We’re all seeking happiness. But how can we all craft our happiness when we’re all unique?