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Training and development for you and your team must happen. If you want to ensure that you can bring excellent service to your businesses and communities, you need access to high-level training. Spark Training consists of organizational training, workshops, and intensive bootcamps to give you access to the high-level training you need. Be sure to earmark this page, or sign up for our updates, to get notified when we add to our offerings. Give Feedback: Since we want to make sure that you get the most of this community, let us know what sort of training you want.

Spark of Customer Service

Speaking: Claim Your Life Seminar

Goals Foundation Webinar

Temperaments & Teams: Primerica

Goal-Setting Seminar 2014

Upcoming Training Events

One-To-One Coaching

Need something a little more personalized?

Team Training

Need to get your team aligned? Need to get better results or improve the culture? Learn more.


Reach your goals! It’s time to learn how to increase results and have fun doing it.

One-To-One Coaching

spark-of-customer-service-2013-25-robin-mitchell-300x224Sometimes you need a more personal training experience. Having served hundreds of individuals, Grant knows how to help you get clarity with your vision and build a strategy that works to get you there. In a One-to-One Coaching, you will:

  • Perform the popular “Download Exercise”,
  • Find clarity in unexpected places,
  • Learn the strategic ways to achieve your goals, and
  • Obtain a customized Strategic Plan as a map to your success.

Contact Grant to find a good time for your One-to-One Coaching.

Team Training

If you need training for your organizational team, we can accommodate you and your unique needs.

  1. List of Common Organizational Training Topics (.PDF download.)
  2. Contact Grant for a free consultation for your training needs.
Press Kit Spark Training with Grant R. Nieddu with State of the Spark

Spark Training Topics (.PDF)

Assorted Clients: Customer Service Training

Speaking: Claim Your Life

Invited as the first Voices of Lakeland speaker to discuss how to claim the life one wants.

Temperament Team Leadership: Primerica Lakeland

Love teaching on how different temperaments react in different situations, from sales to coaching.

Goal-Setting: Lakeland Business Leaders

The opportunity to discuss goal-setting with this awesome local network.

Vision Facilitation: H.E.A.R.T. 501(c)3

An afternoon of vision casting and goal-setting with this powerful team.

Team Training: Lucky Puppy Pedicures

Temperament training and strategy session with the team.

Vocal Training: Liberty Tax Services Lakeland

Inflection and temperament.


Demystifying Motivational Masters
What do you do when you want to make massive self-improvement but don’t know where to start? Which guru do you choose? What material do you cover? We created this workshop to reveal the secrets of the gurus and teachers, and show you where to start. You will learn about:

  • Top-Tier GuruSecrets
  • Results In Your Life Without Jumping Through Hoops
  • The One & Only Story Being Told & What It Means For Your Goals
  • The Positive-Thinking Family Tree
  • How To Choose A Teacher Right For You
  • A Model For Approaching Any Teaching & Knowing If Its Relevant

This 6-hour intensive is for you if you know the value of personal development but have become stuck regardless, or if you simply need a useful framework for personal development. Next dates to be announced soon.

Spark of Customer Service Bootcamp
This bootcamp is designed for small business owners to invest in their employees and see rapid growth. This is the training your team needs to align with your vision and ensure your business’s success. Your team will:

  • Develop the Entrepreneurial Employee Mindset
  • Understand The 5 Shaky Legs of Customer Service Management
  • Uncover The 5 Key Areas That Will Make Your Boss Love You
  • Take Home A Renewed Vision For Your Work
  • Become A Powerful Communicator
  • Regain Your Employees As Assets

This 6-hour bootcamp is for you if your team needs to increase customer loyalty, improve customer-service skills, and improve employee buy-in. Next dates to be announced soon.

Spark Your Vision Bootcamp
More Clarity ~ More Confidence ~ More Action ~ More Results! For those who have an inspiring vision, this is the perfect refresher intensive to reconnect with your passionate goals. At the Spark Your Vision bootcamp, you will:

  • Explore Why You Get Stuck & How to Get Unstuck
  • Learn How Your Brain Works On Goals
  • Work Through Uncovering Your Top  Goals
  • Receive a Free Gift to Automatically Learn Your Deepest Passions
  • Understand How Languages Is the Result & Cause of Your Success
  • Create Your Dream Strategy & Have a Complete Plan on Your Top Goal

This 6-hour intensive is for you if you are trying to gain massive direction in your life that inspires you or in need of a refresher on your goals and dreams. Next dates to be announced soon.

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