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There is a big world that needs the skills, gifts, abilities and solutions that only you can offer. The sooner you spark you vision, ignite your success, explode your significance, and radiate purpose, the sooner you can help others and feel fulfilled yourself!

The Free Spark Journey Toolkit is the place you begin that journey. There is a lot here to go through, but do not rush it! Take your time with the material. Also, I am always adding new material to the toolkit which I will email you and notify you of each time I do.

Keep in mind it is only a beginning. There is a lot of growth we each need to truly live the life we dream of living. But it starts here.

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1. Spark 101: Your Sparked Journey (Value: $18.95)

website-resources-graphic-Sparke-Journey Spark 101 is the core teaching of living in the State of the Spark. It is the central process we all go through to achieve more in life. Made for the SPARK phase of your journey, it gives you a framework to use a map to advance your own life of explosive significance. This 5 minute video was recorded for a Google Hangout conference call we did from the Dominican Republic to help educate others about their sparked journey. Along with the video is the downloadable slide presentation for you to review and decide which season you are in and what you should be focusing on.

2. The Grid of Success Teaching (Value: $24.95)

Spark Grid of Success - Demystifying Motivational Masters Also created for the SPARK phase of your spark journey, The Grid of Success was a teaching I put together to help understand success teachings. So many success coaches and gurus try to deliver their teachings as “laws” or “skills” that only they have uncovered. Though they try to help you live a “successful life” (whatever it is they define at the time), they typically paint a picture that obtaining those results in your life are mysterious and difficult to understand. This just is not true. With the Grid of Success, which I subtitle Demystifying Motivational Masters, you can quickly see that most of the success teachers are teaching the same thing. The difference is that everyone will gravitate toward a different teacher based on context and temperament. Armed with that freedom, you can then pursue the teaching that best fits you!

3. The 7-Day Sparked Homework (Value: $9.97)

From years of personal development training, I have discovered that there is one major challenge most of my clients have had. It is

The 7-Day Spark Homework by Grant R. Nieddu difficult for them to begin to think extensively about their ideal life, the picture of success as they define it. During my training, I have several extensive activities we do to help extract their dream, and we usually end up with doing our Top 100 Dream Igniter activities to identify their top 100, prioritized and planned goals. This is usually too much, too soon for them to accomplish. So, to help identify what Explosive Significance means to them, we begin with this very simple tool. The 7-Day Sparked Homework is a 22-page, step-by-beautiful-step activity to help get to the root of what you really want to ignite in your life. This tool and its introduction video, made to help SPARK your journey further, help you filter out the noise from the passion. Once you do this activity, you will be primed and ready to ramp up your vision.

4. Spark 101 – ‘How to Think’ Reading List (Value: $3.99)

Many times clients and friends will ask for reading recommendations. My suggestions vary depending on which season of life they are in spark_101_reading_list_001-300x257and what topic they are interested in learning about.

This is the very first reading list you should begin with. The Spark 101 ‘How to Think’ Reading list is the very basic starting point for you to begin to think for yourself, think more clearly, and help you get results. This is a 7-page guide on the reading list. It begins with an introduction letter from me. I survey the books and what you should get out of each one. Then I list the books and highlight key points. Finally, I throw in a short list of additional material that will round out your knowledge.

5. eBook: ‘Principles in the Raw: Be. Get!’ (Value: $9.97)

Principles in the Raw: Be. Get! by Grant R. Nieddu and Jason Northington This book was one of the first I wrote. Jason Northington and I marveled at how many “gurus” discussed powerful principles yet always hid them in a given topic. We wanted to write a book that went right for the principle itself. We wanted it in the raw. Written for the IGNITE phase of your sparked journey, this powerful 42-page book discusses the power of focusing on how to BE who you need to be in order to properly get what you are trying to get. Many people get it the other way around and just focus on the getting; they typically struggle for years. We share how you can focus on improving your being first with ‘Principles in the Raw: Be. GET!’

6. Claim Your Life Talk – Grant R. Nieddu (Value $14.95)

Grant Nieddu - Claim Your Life

Grant Nieddu – Claim Your Life

The ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ Seminar series in Lakeland, Florida kicked off its inaugural series in July 2013. Grant had the honor of being the very first “3 Yeses” seminar speaker. This was the full 18 minute talk he gave.

7. Small-Business Development Reading List (Value: $1.95)

SmallBusiness-Reading-List Developing your skills in your small-business or humanitarian project is top priority. If we love what we do and want to see the rewards, we have to continue to grow and learn to serve that cause or business better. This is a powerful .PDF of the books that I find were most helpful to me to start my own emerging entrepreneurial journey.

8. Rookie Missionary Manifesto (Value: $14.95)

Rookie Missionary Manifesto Cover An Ignited Life of Explosive Significance demands a degree of spirituality. The Rookie Missionary is anyone who has struck out to make a massive difference in the world on the missionary field. As Marissa and I discovered during our time on the field, many people begin a life of mission without having a context for why the world needs more missionaries, how to make a difference, and why now is the best time in the world to be a rookie! Made for the EXPLODE season of a person’s sparked journey, The Rookie Missionary series of videos, along with the Rookie Missionary Manifesto is here to empower those who choose the missionary path to living explosive significance. There are many paths to living a full life of powerful significance, and missions is a quick way to do it! Get this 48 page manifesto-slash-guide AND 52 videos of tips and missions know-how to launching your own life of missions now!

52 Rookie Missionary Videos


9. Moleskine Cover: #SparkGoals2014 (Value: FREE!)

I have used Moleskine journals for years now and I always wanted one for the State of the Spark. Well get access to your free Spark Moleskine cover when you access the Free Spark Journey Toolkit.

  • High-res: 600 dpi.
  • Designed perfectly for a pocket-sized Moleskine.
  • Ready to print.

10. Spark Business Dashboard Template (Value: $24.97)

Every sparked individual striving to ignite successes will launch a project at some point. These projects could be entrepreneurial ventures or non-profit causes. Either way, the ability to be a master strategist is absolutely crucial. Being able to evaluate the viability of our projects is the core competency to a project’s success. It helps us evaluate before the launch. How can we best evaluate a project before the launch? Know the numbers. This tool, the Spark Business Dashboard Template, is not necessarily a motivating or inspiring tool. Quite the opposite. It was made to help you zoom in real closely to an idea. That means thinking through every cost and every part. It means going over every penny you have or will spend. This is the only way to know if something is truly viable. These skills are core to the Ignite season of our progress, which is where you should use the Spark Dashboard.

11. 4 Steps to Making an Ignited Dream Machine (Value: $2.97)

dream-machine-guide-300x227 Dream Boards are becoming the norm for anyone serious about their goals. It’s not just for kids anymore. In fact, new research every day is proving the power of visualization. However, many people who decide to do their first dream machine get stuck. They are not sure where to start to make the best Dream Board (aka The Dream Machine). This quick 2-page guide is there to help you prepare your Dream Machine flawlessly and avoid any initial mistakes. Let State of the Spark help you start your Spark Journey right with a Dream Board.

12. Annual Review Spreadsheet Template (Value: Immeasurable!)

apps-google-drive-sheets-icon How can you know where you’re headed if you don’t know where you began or how far you’ve come? You can’t! Quit your playin’. The Spark Annual Review Template is here to help you. Take note: this tool is to be used AFTER most of the review itself has been completed. Be sure to review the entire document first to understand. Then, beginning with the 2014 Review, take all the time you need to get total clarity. I recommend a week.

13. Spark Time Budget Worksheet

apps-google-drive-sheets-icon Want to know how we strategically plan our week? We use the Spark Time Budget Worksheet. Managing your time each week just got easier. Even with a full-time job, you can quickly see what time you have available to build your dream, launch your business, work on your relationships, or connect spiritually. Get access to the Microsoft Excel version and an online editable version.

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