Entrepreneurs Stop Doing Everything

by | Apr 14, 2016

(This great reminder came from Roger James Hamilton, a passionate entrepreneur trainer.)

I see it all the time with my emerging entrepreneur clients; too busy to focus on what matters.

Let’s start with what matters: what your great at doing for clients!

In short, it is usually Sales (gettin’ new clients) or Fulfillment (delivering your product or service.)

Emerging Entrepreneur Year 001- Sales and Fulfillment

So, what doesn’t matter? Piddling around with all the other stuff. At least at first.

At first, you should be in the hustle. The cycle should look like this: new client > deliver service > come up for air > repeat. A thousand times. Emerging entrepreneurs need to generate cash; bottom line.

Sell some stuff. Deliver some stuff. Improve it as you go.

Grant, what about making all the frilly things that all the celebrity entrepreneurs do? When do I implement a purple cow? When do I say screw it, let’s do it and do something big?

When you have the cash to delegate some tasks to someone else and work on craft. When you have received enough sales or clients to have a feedback loop and make informed decisions. When you know your target niche AND your business model so closely that inspiration hits on minor tweaks that make a massive difference.

Entrepreneurs Stop Doing Everything | Share the LoadIn short, DELEGATE EVERYTHING ELSE!

Grant, I still need someone to do my books!

Get a Quickbooks online account, $15/mo. Do it, then get to Sales and Fulfillment. Estimated time investment: 30 minutes.

Grant, I still need a top-notch logo without breaking the bank!

Go to 99Designs and get it done! $300. Or, if you are really hurting for cash, go to Fiverr and get it done! Then get to Sales and Fulfillment! Estimated time investment: 1 hr.

Grant, I still need to get my incorporation papers and EIN!

Go make your initial sales, about $500 – $1000 in sales. Since you can’t live on that money, save it until you have about $300. Pay your state the $150 it takes to incorporate. Call the IRS for an TIN/EIN for free. Deposit $150 into a bank account. The GET TO SALES AND FULFILLMENT! Estimated time investment: 4 hrs.

Grant, I still need a fancy website before I launch and it costs thousands!

Hire us to build you a custom professional website! $30 to get started. Only $30/mo. We handle your updates. You have a mobile website. Estimated time investment: 30 minutes.


You see, you can delegate a ton of your business tasks out for very inexpensive, and still make Sales and Fulfillment your main focus.

Instead, I see many business owners spending half their week, half of every week, given to tasks that they should be delegating.

Here is the summary: Focus on DPA, Dollar Producing Activities.

Give these things the best hours of your day. When your brain is leaking out of your year, you can’t talk to another potential client, and you have done all the fulfillment you can stand; that is when you do the “Other Things.” But if you have delegated or hired out these other things, this is the moment you crash, rest, take time with your family, or study to become better.