Etiquette of a Samurai and How Spark Samurai Treat Others

by | Sep 27, 2016

Etiquette of a Samurai and How Spark Citizens Treat People“The etiquette of a samurai is to calm himself and deal with people in a good manner. To treat a person harshly is the way of middle-class lackeys.” – Hagakure

I find it hilarious that even in the 1600’s samurai writers are dogging the middle class. Aside from that, I find it brilliant that the author sees that harsh treatment (common in higher samurai class) is the action of lower class. (Is it surprising that both not-so-presidential candidates dealt with each other harshly?)

A valuable point from the above text is the ability to calm oneself.

NOT The Etiquette of a Samurai

I had a huge miss on this point this week. Florida Blue makes me so angry I can’t stand it. I let my frustration out on the front-line person who is likely just as dis-empowered as I am. This was low-class of me.

If I had been practicing calming myself (meditation and prayer are huge for this) then I probably would have not added to their personal frustration.

From our insurance companies to our government, each person is dis-empowered and de-incentivized to take ownership to make things better. We all feel this; whether just updating our insurance account to hoping we have better presidential candidates we feel that we cannot make a difference and are forced to endure the pain.


The way out of it is through it. Accept that now. The only way through these systematized frustrations is with a calm mind in order to deal with each obstacle, each challenge, each step with the same level of clarity as the first.

It is high-class to deal with people kindly, whether or not they deserve it. It is high-class to elevate your mind to such a degree that you can help lead those around you to a better way.

This is the way of a Spark Samurai.

This is the etiquette of samurai entrepreneurs, who lead us into a better way to do things in business. We need you to step up and become a Spark Samurai in your own field. Lead us with calm, clear thinking and, though we may not always deserve it, treat us kindly as we make our way through.


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