Two-Day Custom Messaging Workshop Deposit


Your visionary business helps people! You can make a difference in your clients’ businesses and lives. But sometimes you get stuck trying to communicate your message to the world. If you had clarity and confidence on what to say about your business, you could connect with your ideal clients and help them achieve their goals while achieving yours as well! We can help with that.

This workshop includes, but are not limited to:

  • Your Corporate Values
  • Your Purpose
  • Your Brand Promises
  • Your Insane Goal (aka BHAG)
  • Your (initial) Target Niche (and how you are guiding them as their own hero!)

The outcome for this time together is that:

  • You have clarity in your message.
    • That you know how to answer the question: 'What do you do?'
  • You have confidence in your message.
    • That you know how your message leads to better marketing, better messaging, thus better client engagements.

This will be captured in your Value Poster. This Vision Summary poster may seem rather two-dimensional at first. But that is just evidence that the coaching should cause these things to be living, breathing parts of your small team's culture!

The Deliverables of this Coaching will be:

  • Two, Half-Day sessions
    • This will serve to a.) train on the context of messaging, and b.) to extract the juicy morsels of your message and brand to the world.
    • Any longer on a single day and the brain gets fatigued!
    • We will shoot for the 2 - 3 hour mark, however, if creativity flows we have the full half day blocked just for you!
  • The Summary Document
    • I will invest time on my own, synthesizing our sessions into a comprehensive document.
    • This will have your own branding, compiling your answers captured succinctly with their context.
    • This could serve as the foundational document for your own Mission Statement or Brand Guide.
  • Your own 'One Sheet'.
    • I will also workshop this myself on how I would pitch or sell your services if I was you!
    • This is a "pitch page" containing your 'Why, How, and What' from Simon Sinek's now famous talk about the Golden Circle.
    • This page helps with both Sales as well as preparation for Lunch-and-Learn talks either of you may give.
  • Your own Vision Summary poster;
    • This will be filled out and ready to be hung on your wall!
  • A Final Presentation
    • Where I Pitch YOUR services to YOU, serving as your 'wingman' if you will!
    • This will serve to set the tone how I envision you being able to present you to yourself.
    • We will go over the deliverables, answer any questions you have, and then discuss 'Now What'.
      • This could include how it affects your blogging, your posting, your videos, and, importantly, any updates to your website, brand, or web presence!

If all that sounds amenable to you, team, and if it makes sense how this time investment together can lead to better clarity about Marketing and branding, then this is what I propose!

The Process Would Be:

  • Schedule a Date Now
  • Pre-Workshop Form
  • Workshops 1 & 2 back-to-back
  • My Solo Synthesis and Summarization of Our Meetings
  • Our Final Presentation and What's Next Meeting


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