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Igniting Lives of Explosive Significance

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Use our personal goal-setting system to spark your vision, ignite your success, and explode your significance!

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Community for Spark Citizens. Crypto research, shared trades, our personal investments, experiments in financial and time freedom.

Our Mission is Igniting Lives of Explosive Significance

We do that by helping you: Spark vision, Ignite success, Explode significance, & Radiate purpose.

We educate, encourage and empower you to launch your project or business, with a community that cares.

Projects & Services

Spark Sites - Grant Nieddu - Marissa Nieddu - WordPress Support and Website design for small businesses
Spark Training - Coaching and Training for Small Business Owners - Performance Coaching, Strategy Sessions, Sales Training
Spark Billing - Adam Whelchel
Spark Explore - Explore Your World - Marissa Nieddu

Mental and Financial Freedom

Community, Tools, and Training to spark your vision and ignite your success. Share your goals, spread gratitude sand discover ways to obtain success for your purpose-driven project.

Or, simply access the community on theĀ free Discord for Spark Citizens.