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Latest Updates from State of the Spark

Thought Theft in the Knowledge Age

There is a ton of Thought Theft in the Knowledge Age. This is what it looks like. “There are times when you must rely on a person for something. If done repeatedly, however, it becomes taking advantage of that person, and is rude of a samurai.” –...

Etiquette of a Samurai and How Spark Samurai Treat Others

“The etiquette of a samurai is to calm himself and deal with people in a good manner. To treat a person harshly is the way of middle-class lackeys.” – Hagakure I find it hilarious that even in the 1600’s samurai writers are dogging the middle...

I Lost a Friend Today & It Crushed Me

I Lost a Friend Today & It Crushed Me; Marcus Aurelius on Building a Business; 3 Tips on Controlling Your Emotions; & How You Deal w/ Yourself

Entrepreneurs Stop Doing Everything

(This great reminder came from Roger James Hamilton, a passionate entrepreneur trainer.) I see it all the time with my emerging entrepreneur clients; too busy to focus on what matters. Let’s start with what matters: what your great at doing for clients! In...

AirBnB and Your First Partners – Podcast 002

How are AirBnB and your first partners connected? We think we know who our first partners are, but these partners are often overlooked. When launching your startup, how much money should you expect to raise?

Overwhelm – Spark of Small Business Episode 001

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with the workload of building your business you thought you were having a panic attack? Yeah, that was me this week. Here are 2 important things to keep in mind when hitting the Overwhelm Wall.

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Change Your Mind

Change Your World

If you want to achieve all the dreams you desire, its gonna take a deeper learning. Our habits and, thus, our results are the direct result of the quality of our thoughts. Improve the quality of your thoughts and you will revolutionize your world.

Top 100 Dream Igniter

We have helped hundreds of people work through the obstacles of their lives to achieve their goals. We have found that most people needed to reconnect with their ability to dream big. We create The Top 100 Dream Igniter to help more people reconnect with the biggest dreams. Walk away with a plan of action. Know what to do next.




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Paul Singer

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