Messaging Coaching 1:1

Grant Sparks

Grant Sparks💥

Coaching Expert

Messaging Coaching 1:1


Messaging Coaching and Consulting

Get clear on your business messaging. Feel confident in your pitch!

This coaching package includes 4 separate one hour (in-person or virtual) coaching sessions.
Your service helps people! You can make a difference in their businesses and lives. But sometimes you get stuck trying to communicate the difference you can make.

If you had clarity on your messaging and were confident in your pitch, you could connect with your clients and help them achieve their business and personal goals!

You need a concise way to explain your value.
You need to understand the client's needs deeply.
You need to be able to share your vision quickly and simply.

Grant can guide you through clarifying your pitch, structuring your services, and sharing your vision clearly and confidently.

  • Meet with Grant to share your vision.
  • Receive a customized Messaging Outline
  • Receive personalized videos from Grant presenting your pitch in a variety of ways for you to reference
  • Connect over monthly coaching sessions to troubleshoot client challenges and refine your messaging.

Included in the Coaching:

  1. Initial Assessment Video Call - Month 1 Calls
  2. Customized Messaging Outline (PDF)
  3. Two (2) Personalized Pitch Coaching Videos (MP4)
  4. Follow-Up Monthly Phone Calls - Months 2 - 6
  5. Access to the Invite-Only Facebook Group: Goals, Gratitude & Success to work with other Business Owners

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