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The Spark Citizenship is a community of passionate, mission-driven folks like you. We want to support you:

  1. Spark Your Vision
    1. (get radically clear on your goals)
  2. Ignite Success
    1. (gain the executive skills necessary necessary to create results)
  3. Explode Significance
    1. (Take what you have learned about goals and success, and make it about others)
  4. Radiate Purpose
    1. (Connect with your deeper self by connecting with others.)

The Spark Membership is meant to a.) help you get launched quickly and profitably, and b.) have tools and training that are actually helpful to manage your goals and business in an ongoing way.

It is your complete community and guide to help you start from scratch, quickly get to sales, then sustainably get to delegating the business, and making an impact in the world.

The Spark Membership is growing, and growing!

We are adding new or updated tools and training every quarter! We are adding industry-specific cohorts regularly! We are listening to your needs, and evolving to ensure that you not only survive the coming changes in the market place – but to ensure that you are THRIVING!

You’ll Gain Immediate Access To:

  • ‘The Top 100 Dream Igniter’ – Your guide to getting all of your ambitions and random goals out of your head and into an action place to gain traction today!
  • The ContentBot💖 Tool – Use ChatGPT enabled Google Sheets to create a years’ worth of content for your website, and get your SEO ranking your business quickly!
  • Marketing 3.0: Community Marketing Course – Learn about the changes going on in marketing today, and learn the actions you can take immediately to connect to your clients in a deeper way, expand your network, and meet your people where they are at.

Below are the tools and training and group training materials and workshops we are actively creating now!

  • Your 90-Day Launch Guide
    • A step-by-step guide to what to focus on for the next 90 days!
  • Your Small Business Freedom Framework: M.S.P.B.A. customized
  • Confidently know what to focus on next with the Small Business Priority Pyramid.
  • A Step-by-Step process for seeing Profit the very first quarter.
  • Your official Team Huddle Structures.
    • Know how to run productive, helpful daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings.
    • Even if you are the the only team member for now!
  • The Framework for your business systems built in!
    • Automate repeatable processes.
    • Update your systems at a click.
  • Access to our Invite-Only Discord Group for Spark Business Members at the Ignite Success level!
    • Get questions, tips, how-to’s and marketing questions answered!
  • Easily onboard new team members and delegate your systems and processes.