All of It Was Preparation for This

by | Mar 5, 2020

All of it was preparation for this.

All of the business books you have read were to be prepared for this season and how to build your business to endure.
All of the time in meditation was to prepare you to react emotionally well under duress.
All of the church sermons were to prepare you spiritually, to have developed an inner compass and know confidently that you were going to be ok.
All of the fasting was to prepare you for when you may truly need to control your eating.
All of the dinners out with friends were to cultivate relationships that will support one another.

All of the ways we prepared in times of abundance were for these times of stress and anxiety and limitation.

For the preparations that are failing, admit it coldly and ditch them.
For the preparations that are supporting you, admit it warmly and double down into them.