by | May 10, 2022

🟢 We are in the middle of expanding our network in web3.
🟢 We’ve had meetings with a professor from Indiana Wesleyan on how web3 can help their educational efforts.
🟢 We’ve met with crypto developers over Discord.
🟢 We’ve been interviewing creators on what they need.
🟢 We are in the phase of building out our team and codifying what we are trying to do in the Discord with our mission.

Our mission is, and remains, ‘Igniting Lives of Explosive Significance’. Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to Ignite 1,000,000 dreamers by launching 10,000 creators.

We changed our niche from just ‘business owners’ to include ‘creators’.

We’re doing this because with the web3 and crypto paradigm shift, someone could be an artist that activates a particular group of people (like MetaMoms NFT), a small business leader with an artistic side (like @proof_xyz), or anything in between.

We want to be sure to account for the paradigm shift in web3.

We’ve changed the name from “an investor group” to “a launch group”.

First, we a.) don’t want to be associated with the negative side of investing, “venture capitalists”, which is a bad word in web3 and b.) we want to actually name what we’re doing; launching!

Second, we want to focus on nurturing our community. This is more than networks or groups. A community is intentionally cultivating deeper connections.

We want to launch people! Launching could be investing money, or time, or advisement.

Launching could be investing money, or time, or advisement.

We are courting people with PhDs to do business plan reviews. We are pulling in experienced entrepreneurs to help with management. We are pulling in Spark Billing to help with billing and invoicing. We are pulling in Spark Sites to help with the web development.

We will then have targeted small groups to support those efforts to launch each other to the next level.
And all of this would only be able to be accessed with the Spark Citizen NFT pass.

We have a fuller roadmap, but I truly only want to be able to speak on that which we have a clear path for.
To stay up to day, please be sure to visit us in the Discord!