The Sacred

You Know What To Do

I have been quite distracted of late. I keep pushing off the discipline I need with excuse thoughts. "When I am working from the desk or home office again, I will write." "When Marissa and I are good, then I will fast or eat right." "When I am in a better state of...

Where Are The Unique Voices

A woman bleeds out on an unnamed roadway. Where is the person trained in CPR or emergency response to help her, while desperately waiting for the paramedics to arrive which, in this case, would arrive too late? A teen, torn between cultures, his dark curls tumbling...

now Creating.

now Creating. (poem by Grant R. Nieddu) You have a responsibility to create more than you consume. Create today.

Do You Create?

Do you create
  more than you consume?

In your busy life
  do you make room
for the act of creation,
  success’s womb,
to impact the world
  before you’re entombed?

I Forgot How to Take a Day Off

I Forgot How to Take a Day Off

It was finally Friday and Grant had been telling me all week that (no matter what came up) it was totally cool if I took Friday off and had the day to myself. All week that thought had been in the back of my mind, but honestly I knew that there was less than a 30%...

Too Busy to Meditate

Too Busy to Meditate

It’s hard to put a metric on feeling better, but it’s not hard to notice! If you think you are too busy to meditate you may be surprised how easy it is to find the 5 minutes. Meditation Tools, Breathing tools and training.