Are You Crafting You?

by | Jul 12, 2019

For all this talk of Craft, what you are ultimately crafting is you.

Craft is neither fast nor slow. It is either and both.
This is because craft is the fine work of refining yourself.

Craft is the fine work of refining yourself.

We’re all seeking happiness.
We suspect that happiness will come through efforts, our work; our craft.

But, how can we all craft our happiness when we’re all unique?
Won’t my happiness (as a person who loves to ship before he is ready) interfere with my spouse’s happiness (as a person who loves to get it absolutely perfect before she puts it out there)?

This question leads to an insight about why Craft is merely a means of crafting ourselves. Like a ray of sunrise light upon our morning dark struggle, illuminating the solution to the pre-dawn problem we had it is revealed that:

Craft is whatever it needs to be to craft a better you.

You, not your small business, may need to move more quickly, maturing into someone who ships before they are ready.
You, not your unique mugs, may need to move more slowly, maturing into someone who goes over the fine details until it is just right.
You, not your meticulous brew, may need to communicate more, maturing into someone who can clearly state what she needs to complete the craft to happiness.
You, not your custom websites, may need to communicate less, maturing into a boss or manager who can empower his employees to their own interdependence.

Your labor and the final product of that labor will be better. Your relationships will be better. You will be better.

Don’t pigeonhole yourself by pigeonholing what you think Craft should be.
Because Craft is what you apply your heart and mind to as you shape your own happiness.