Episode 214 – The Perfect Video Content Bull$h!t

by | Jul 24, 2019

Episode 214 – The Perfect Video Content Bull$h!t

Video is obviously the next medium to take full hold. I think it may rock Instagram a bit, which still is primarily simply photos.

But I meet a ton of people who are struggling to take the leap and do the video.

The Top Excuses People Don’t Do Video Posts

I am no good in front of the camera.

No one is when they start! No one is a natural in front of the camera. Sure, there are the actors of the world, but when someone puts up a camera, no one is a natural.


Everyone is a natural when they don’t know the camera is on.

That is your authentic self. That is what people want. (If you don’t like your authentic self, that is a topic for therapy!)

I don’t know what to post.

Just start. After your first 2 or 3 video posts, you will hit a rhythm for what to post. But the easiest is to just start answering questions that your clients and potential clients ask. (A WordPress website makes this so easy.)

And do a TON. 1 a day would be good, but I am afraid that will give you hear palpitations. One a would would be fine.

I can’t get it perfect.

No one does. Get over it! And no one WANTS it perfect. Your clients want the information, they don’t want polished performances!

Besides, since we’ve been exposed to so much in the way of media and videos, our “BS Meter” (our bullshit meter) is dialed in and in tune. When someone is trying too hard and not just communicating, we tend to recoil!

Just put out the video!

The Perfect Video Post Content is a Bullshit Myth

There is no perfect video. People these days want authentic video. They want the honest side of what you do.

Your potential viewers want to feel that you understand them. Shared experiences are the only way to do that. So share your experiences.

They don’t just want to hear about your larger-than-life experiences. Your potential viewers (who should also be your potential customers) want some of that, but they also want the normal every day journey.

This relays to them that they “can do it to”. It is motivating.

There is a movement with the generation after Generation Alpha when it comes to posting content. Some of the fastest growing Generation Alpha influencers are posting everyday moments.

The people want more authentic video.

That means bloopers. That means mistakes. That means imperfect!

Tips to Starting Video Post Content that are Good Enough

  1. Just start
    1. Just begin today. Turn to a partner, give yourself just 10 minutes, and have them record your first attempt right now!
  2. Experiment with Content
    1. Just put out a ton of content and learn what people engage with. Does your growing audience want more stories? Or more tips? How can you find out? Roll out 5 of each and see what they click, like, and share!
  3. Learn the Tools
    1. Start with Facebook. Use the Facebook Live tool. Then do a Facebook Story on your personal account. Then do a Facebook Story on your business page.
  4. Ask The Clients What They Want to Hear More Of
    1. When you connect with a client, don’t be weird and ask what videos they want. Instead, ask them what questions they have about your profession. Ask them what challenges they have had in the past with people in your profession. Ask what new questions they will have given the expanding market. Any answer is a content post!
  5. Don’t Over-Edit the Posts; Leave in the Bloopers
    1. People record sometimes, but then they obsess over editing the thing. With our WordPress support clients, we’ve seen this too many times. Don’t bother editing until you have Mark Wahlberg’s budget. Besides your video should be about 2 minutes or less to start. (Long form is for pros.) Just push it out. If you mess up in the recording, then just correct yourself and move on with the idea. Boom. That is authentic!

Push our your next piece of content today!