Episode 217 – Success Doesn’t Even Look

by | Aug 28, 2019

I was recently offered the most cravable, chocolatey chocolate cake I had ever seen. And this was beautiful and hateful. ?

You see, I love chocolate. ?

Chocolate cake.
Chocolate ice cream.
Chocolate macarons.

You name it. If it is wrapped in or contains chocolate, I tend to like it.

But you know what I also like?
I also like my goal to weigh 180 lbs.
I also like my abs.
I want to see them again once before I die.

I call it Operation Find-My-Abs. ?️‍♀️

So Marissa and I have been intermittent fasting for 16 – 18 hours a day, and eating a carb free diet.

I have already lost most of the weight I am trying to lose.
My thinking is far more clear.
I don’t have the afternoon slump.
Food tastes better.
My stomach is smaller so a food binge is off the table. (Literally AND figuratively.)

In short, I feel great! ?‍♂️

Then, this awesome person puts a fresh, bouncy and moist piece of chocolate cake toward me.

Looking Is the Enemy ?

I have been trying to lose this weight to reach 185 lbs for nearly 2 years. Every day, twice a day I have recited this goal out loud to myself. Every day I even spend time after meditation visualizing my abs.

And every week I fail. I overeat just a bit. I steal a snack of this or that. And I definitely don’t cut carbs.

The problem comes when I look at a possible cheat food.
Once I look, I ponder and consider.
Once I look and ponder and consider, rationalization happens, and then I eat the cheat food.

Chocolate goes into mouth.
Operation Find-My-Abs goes out the window.

What Are You Looking At? ?

Are you looking at your competitors who operate out of scarcity?
Are you looking at those who fail?
Are you looking with a critical eye at those who are doing what you don’t want?


Are you looking at those who are managing their business the way you want to manage your own?
Are you looking at those who are prospering with great relationships?
Are you looking at your mind’s eye, seeing yourself living your absolute best?

Are you looking at what you want instead of what you don’t want?

Success Doesn’t Even Look ?

Over the last two years of failing at my goal of weighing 185 lbs, I discovered this one truth. If I don’t look at the chocolate cake, I won’t know it’s there. If I don’t know the chocolate cake is there, I won’t rationalize it. I won’t ponder and consider it. I just won’t even think about it.

Maybe one day I will graduate from that and have more will power.
Maybe one day I will graduate from there and not even desire it when I look at it.

Here’s hopin’.

But until then, my success is dependent on not even look at the things that threaten my goals.

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