Episode 222 The Speed of Emotional Recovery from A Bad Day Determines the Speed of Your Small Business Success

by | Jan 28, 2020

Episode 222 The Speed of Emotional Recovery from A Bad Day Determines the Speed of Your Small Business Success

You know when something hits you so “off-color” that it sends your emotions reeling? ? Can you remember the last time that someone offended you, or deflated your dream, or said something that cause you to lose faith in yourself?

I know I remember these times.
They are all too real.
And I am very sensitive to when they happen.

These affect me so much that my old, depressed self rises up. I don’t have the energy to work hard. I lose focus on my goals. And then I eventually lose hope. When I lose hope, I don’t think that anything is really worth my time.

But how quickly we experience emotional recovery from these lows is SUPREMELY important to running your small business, or side hustle, or dream project!

These words are so important:

The speed at which we recover is correlated to the speed at which we get success. ??

We must learn how to recover more quickly from the things that set us off and make us feel bad. Then we can refocus on what matters most.

You Must Feel What You Are Feeling!

You definitely must feel your feelings. Many people mistake what I mean when I say that we need to ‘get over our negative feelings more quickly’. They think I mean that they shouldn’t feel bad. Ever. And that is unhealthy.

I actually LOVE the psychological mechanism of feeling bad.

It helps me realize that I have much more work to do to become the person I am trying to become. You should definitely “feel what you are feeling”. But you should become skilled at processing that emotion quickly. And your business or passion project deserve it!

This will help you recover quickly. The more quickly you recover, the sooner you can get back to producing quality work for your small business that counts and helps you accomplish your goal!

In my sessions for small business coaching, I find that most people think they need to a.) not ever have bad days, or b.) always give into their feels.

Your vision and dreams deserve your passion. So it deserves all your emotions!
Your small business deserves your best performance. So it deserves your best skill at turning any emotion into motion and action that counts.

Start today!

Become aware of your negative feelings quickly. Decide what you can learn from them. Then ask how feeling this way could positively affect your small business goals.

Then, turn it into action!

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