State of the Spark ep.002: Marketing in Crisis & Case Study

by | Apr 3, 2020

State of the Spark ep.002: Marketing in Crisis & Case Study


  1. Cut Strategically, No Smash (like Hulk)
  2. Invest now for the Second Wave/Order effects and Beyond
  3. Read the room


1) Show That The Lights Are On, and 2) Get Relevant Quickly


A.) Update Website

  • Add a Bat Season update banner
  • Add a notification about COVID so that the public knows you are relevant!
  • Familiarize with the blog

B.) Update GMB

  • Add DETAILS – Fill in EVERY single Field available
  • Update the Name to include the word Removal
  • Post the last 7 FB posts into your GMB
  • Have friends as 5 – 7 questions on your GMB listing and answer it immediately

C.) Update FB

  • Update your FB banner with something more than the bat. Add text – ‘It’s Bat season’ ‘It is ESSENTIAL that you remove them quickly. Call today.’
  • Update Profile Icon
  • Update About info
  • Post relevant text graphics – I see bats, but is it bat season?, are you open for business? Let’s see that text graphic!

D.) Content Marketing

  • Start on your website, then FB, then GMB. Those are the only 3 steps to your “Funnel for now”.
  • Then Post the following content strategy:
    • Post at minimum 1x per day. I recommend 2.
    • Have queued up: a Testimonial text graphic, a ‘It’s Bat Season, Call Now: #’ graphic, a video (which would go YT, website, FB, GMB), and a news-relevant post (but with wildlife – ex. how is corona shutdown affecting racoon behavior, etc.)
    • Each day one or two of these should be going out
    • 1x per week if you can book it, do a FB live/Zoom diagnosis. Get on video with a potential client, have them describe the conditions, put their phone up close to where they’re hearing noises, something like that, and post it! (YT, website, FB, GMB)

E.) Paid ads

  • The window of being accused of profiteering is passed.
  • People need to know that you are open.
  • Pay on FB to have your text graphic post to go out ‘It’s Bat Season. Call Now: #’. Have that go out!

Boom! That is it!!


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