State of the Spark ep. 072: How to Quit, Harvard Says I’m Right, Da Vinci Mystery, & Other News!

by | Oct 16, 2020

State of the Spark Show ep. 072: How to Quit, Harvard Says I’m Right, Da Vinci Mystery, & Other News!

Are you thinking about quitting your Small Business, your passion-driven non-profit, or your personal cause?
Do you feel lost about what to do next, and the only thing coming to mind is how to quit?

Here is everything I think you need to know about quitting!

3 Things You Should NOT Do When Quitting Your Small Business

? Remember, there are GOOD ways to quit. Here are the 3 Things You DON’T do when quitting.

  1. Do NOT quit on a bad day.
  2. Do NOT leave people in a lurch.
  3. Do NOT talk $h!t on the way out. (Don’t be that person.)
Graphic - 3 Things to NOT Do When You Quit Your Small Business

Use this graphic and share it with someone who is considering quitting. Click to download.


? How to know if you should really quit?

Remember this acronym – Q.U.I.T.

  • Q – Am I QUALIFIED to quit?
    • In most circumstance, the answer is ‘No’.
  • U – Do I UNDERSTAND the dynamics?
    • Internal AND External dynamics; do you have the info you need to decide?
  • I – Have I INTERACTED with the people I need to interact with to make the best decision?
    • My partners or spouse; industry experts; potential clients?
  • T – Have I TAKEN inventory?
    • What have I learned? What was my original goal? Have I achieved it? Should I stop before I have achieved my goal?
Graphic - 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Small Business Dream

Stop and ask yourself a few questions before you quit! Click to download.

Eliminate the Stigma of Quitting, Especially in Small Business

Quitting the direction you are on is ok. There is nothing empirically wrong with quitting a direction in your small business. There should not be a stigma on quitting!

As a coach and small business trainer, I have frequently advised people to quit, pivot, or change directions. You can make that decision.

However, we should never make that decision when we are being emotional. When emotions are running high we rarely make quality decisions about quitting. Following the above steps can help calm your emotions, think from your neocortex instead of your limbic brain, and choose the decision that makes the most sense based on your particular situation.

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