There Is No Permission to Create, Only Courage

by | Jul 10, 2019

When we seek approval for the thing we want to create, we are actually seeking permission.
We are seeking permission to act.
But why do we seek permission?

Deep down we know that our work to create will upset someone.

The long hours will upset our spouse.
The intensity of focus will upset our friends when we miss our gym mornings to carry the project forward.
The annoying paradox as we follow our internal compass between detail orientation and broad generalization will upset our co-workers and employees.

Our constant droning on about the project as we work out an aspect of the creation.
Our moody silence as we ponder the meaning of the work.
Our flash of manic insight as we rush back into the work.
Our sudden deep exhaustion from overthinking.

We know this drives others crazy.

We know that creating risks our most important relationships.

That’s how big the thing is inside you that needs to come out.
And we seek permission to risk those relationships.
We seek permission to risk it all.

The up-welling inside of you is clamoring for your massive ‘Yes’.
And you still want to hold on to the security that your relationships provide.

But you can’t have it both ways.

You don’t need permission to create.
You don’t need approval to create.

You need courage to create.
And that only comes from you.