When to Stand and Fight as Marketing

by | Jul 18, 2019

There are not many reasons to stand and fight.

Whether in Haiti when faced with an angry mob, or when I was kidnapped in India; cool-headed thinking has consistently come to my aide.

So, how do you know when you should fight back?

Recently a friend was attacked with obvious falsehoods in a public forum witnessed by everyone.

There are not many times that I believe you should stand up for yourself.
But sometimes you must speak up.
If not for yourself, for your team who will likely feel bullied.

When attacked a.) with an obvious falsehood, b.) in a public forum that you are active in, and c.) you witnessed it and were involved; then I believe you should stand and fight.

How you’ve carried yourself in relationships prior to that will make the most impact when you do.
And the methods by which you fight back will carry the rest of the way.

Remember the goal: to model to those who are entrusting you as the protector of the brand how your Tribe responds to these situations.

When and how you fight back is marketing because it affects your Tribe.