Where Are The Unique Voices

by | Jul 6, 2020

A woman bleeds out on an unnamed roadway.
Where is the person trained in CPR or emergency response to help her, while desperately waiting for the paramedics to arrive which, in this case, would arrive too late?

A teen, torn between cultures, his dark curls tumbling over his eyes, wondering where he belongs in society, paddles out on the lake, wishing he could paddle forever.
He doubts if his absence would be noticed, and his hope sinks further.
He longs for his life to have meaning, for direction.
Where is the coach who would hand him just the right book or say just the right phrase, to point him in a hopeful direction of a life of meaning?

The world cries out for help, and there are still too few who are answering the call because they have first answered the call to find and share their unique voices.

Where are the unique voices?
Where are those who will listen to their hearts calling?
Where are those who will follow their heart into different trades, different skills, and different adventures?

Where are those who will be ready when the world cries for help?

Where are those who will be willing to deliver their unique voice to the world?

Is it enough to hope that the answers to this world’s pain will come from someone else?
Is it enough to ignore your internal calling, and hope that someone else, feeling the same calling, will help those in need?
Is it enough to hope that those who seem more qualified, more experienced, more refined will be in the right place at the right time to help the world?

Is it endurable?
Is it endurable to ignore your calling?
Is it endurable to ignore your rising unique voice?

How much longer can you ignore your calling and fill it with the fluffy distractions of this world?
Can you hold out and ignore the voices of need for another week?
Another month?
Another year?

And, even if you can continually ignore the voice of need, can you ignore the voice within you?
How much longer can you ignore the voice within, driving you forward toward a vision, driving you to do more, heck, driving you mad with stirring energy to…do.., something! Anything!

Stirring you to do anything to express the calling on your heart!

It may be parenting.
It may be raising orphans.
It may be writing about the next generation.

It may be serving locally.
It may be serving globally.
It may be telling stories of global service to inspire local impact.

It may be giving money to the poor.
It may be raising money to give.
It may be researching more sustainable ways to help raise the poor up with dignity.

Drop your presumptions at the door.
Drop your fears and concerns. Leave them at home.
Walk outside.
Walk into your world.
Today. Right now.

And simply start saying ‘yes’ to your calling.
Start saying ‘Yes’ to your unique voice.
The road will open up to you.
The signs will raise themselves.

You will know what to do in that time.
You will know what to say in that time.
You will know who to speak to, who to reach, and what they need to hear to begin making their own impact.

This is the start of the global movement, a worldwide push toward oneness and individual sovereignty.
This moment in human history is the moment.

Will you be a part of this moment, a flesh and blood monument stirring the hearts of others?
Or will you be a monolithic visage of a past no longer relevant, torn down and forgotten with history?

That itch in your heart, that calling, is the synchronicity of the voices of this planet crying out for our next evolution.
And your unique voice has a place in that grand design.

Ignore it at the risk of being overwhelmed by a tsunami of Tomorrow.
Heck, we may just get swept away.
Whether or not we drown in it or surf on top of it is determined by our heeding our inner calling.