You Know What To Do

by | Jan 19, 2021

I have been quite distracted of late.
I keep pushing off the discipline I need with excuse thoughts.

“When I am working from the desk or home office again, I will write.”
“When Marissa and I are good, then I will fast or eat right.”
“When I am in a better state of mind, I will recapture my thought life and habits.”

The excuses go on.

And this is resistance at it’s best.

I need to stop with the overstimulation and distractions.
I need to stop with the excuses.

I need to keep my commitments to myself.
Because I can feel myself slowing, slipping, in ever small increments.

I can feel sharpness dull.
I can feel fire dampen.
I can feel drive rev just a bit too low.

And that is unacceptable.


When was the last time you truly had an edge, a sharpness, a relentless drive to become better?

Go back to that time.

Conjure the emotions, the thoughts, the feelings.
Now brighten the image in your mind’s eye.
Remember the deep sense of domination, clarity, focus, lightness of being, heaviness of word and impact.

Now contrast that to how you feel today.

What is different?
What happened?
How have you allowed yourself to slip into the very mediocrity that you were so dominating before?

You don’t have to share it here.
You don’t have to out yourself.

Because you already know.

You know what is different.
You know the major decisions you have made to dull your mind.

In short, you know what you need to do.

Don’t wait until you feel like you did in the past to act.
Scrap that thinking.

Act now, and the felling will come again.
But that is the grueling work, the price you pay when you let things slip; to grind at what you know you should do until the feelings return to carry you through the muck.

What is that action you need to take?
What is one small step you can take to move in that direction right now? Literally, right now this minute, what can you do? No do it.

And return to it again this afternoon.
And again tomorrow morning.

Keep going and going until you dominate, and the feelings will return.