Episode 224 – Patient Persistence

by | Mar 2, 2020

Key to Success: Patient Persistence

The wisdom of the ancient Greeks is often lost on us. Their view of Virtue (or what we know as success today) was that of moderation.

Today we view success and specific types of excess.

  • Excess money equals success.
  • Excess time equals success.
  • Shoot; excess muscles, shoes, and sexual partners all equal success today.

But excess often leads to different types of unhappiness and frustrations.

The wisdom of the Greeks concept of moderate Virtue can be a clue to how we may feel more successful. And Patience and Persistence are two factors that may help one feel successful, too.

Patient Persistence’s Place Between Doing “All the Things” and Doing Nothing for your Small Business

Some of us want to do all the things. We want our small business success, and all the trips around the world, all the free time, all the accolades, and all the financial resources. (Hear “Excess”!)

But on the other side of the spectrum is doing nothing.

There is the craving to do absolutely nothing, to sit around all the time with no goals. Just the thought of goals frustrates this type of person. This is a different type of excess; it is the excess of doing nothing.

Patient Persistence toward a goal, even a simple goal is the moderate, virtuous place between the excesses of “All the Things” and absolutely nothing. Persistence is putting one foot in front of the other toward a goal and the successful feeling of good work accomplished.

I once heard Brian Tracy say that:

“Success if the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

I believe that fits for the role Patient Persistence plays toward success. We Persist in the face of resistance. We are Patient in the world of “rise and grind”.

Cultivate and nurture a spirit of Patient Persistence, and I guarantee you will feel a much greater sense of success.

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