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Be a Doer

Be a Doer

Writers are people who write. Hikers are people who hike.

You are not a writer because you have a typewriter or an idea for a book. You are a writer if you write.

You are not a hiker because you have the gear or have plans for that great thing one day. You are a hiker if you hike.

If your goal…

If your goal is to watch TV when you get home at night, you'll achieve that. If your goal is to create a wonderful Life full of riches, relationships, and no adventures, you'll achieve that as well!

Where Are The Unique Voices

A woman bleeds out on an unnamed roadway. Where is the person trained in CPR or emergency response to help her, while desperately waiting for the paramedics to arrive which, in this case, would arrive too late? A teen, torn between cultures, his dark curls tumbling...