Spark Vision

All of It Was Preparation for This

All of the ways we prepared in times of abundance were for these times of stress and anxiety and limitation.

For the preparations that are failing, admit it coldly and ditch them.
For the preparations that are supporting you, admit it warmly and double down into them.

Episode 220 – No Side Hustle Without a Main Mission

Episode 220 - No Side Hustle Without a Main Mission What is Side Hustle? All the gurus tell you to side-hustle. Wear it like a badge of honor! Gary V tells you to side-hustle. Others tell you to #hustleharder. Even my dad's voice resonates...

Superpower: Think About Thinking

I want you to think about thinking for a second. (Bear with me. We're going somewhere with this.) Thinking About Thinking First, stop where you are, take a seat, and rest for a moment. Think about your favorite trip. Close your eyes even and imagine it. Think of the...

Poem: What Did You Create Today?

What did you create today? What did you build? Did you shift and shape something that moved you? Or just incur another bill? Did you add to the list of your creations? Or put more cash in the till? Hit me up when you've built something worth while. I'll be shaping my...

Episode 215 – Mission and Margin

You’ve got to have both Mission AND Margin to achieve your BIG GOAL.Mission needs Margin. Margin needs Mission. You can’t have one without the other.

A New Reverence For the Old

We reverence the new. Instagram is creating new ways to communicate with each other. Harvard researchers have created news ways to control drones with the mind. Banksy has introduced new styles in art to increase our interest in both politics and art. Elon is building...

The Most Insidious Kind of Hate

Self-hate has carte blanche with personal insults. How can you begin to cultivate self-love? Start by telling yourself the things an adoring father or mother would tell you. Continue by telling yourself the things you crave for your lover to say to you.