The Total Life Experience

The Trial and Error Biz Pro

If we spent 10,000 hours tinkering would we master the craft? Probably not. In business, we need to adopt the trial-and-error mentality to win.

The Most Insidious Kind of Hate

Self-hate has carte blanche with personal insults. How can you begin to cultivate self-love? Start by telling yourself the things an adoring father or mother would tell you. Continue by telling yourself the things you crave for your lover to say to you.

To the Creators Go the Rewards

It’s far too easy to tear down and criticize acts of creation.It’s much harder to complete one. However the lasting, vital rewards go to the creators.

The Myth of Herman-Henry Melville

We love hero stories, yes. We also love failure stories a little too much. Herman Melville was forgotten as ‘Henry Melville in his obit. But it’s not true.

It Scaling Even The Right Thing?

Is scaling even the right thing? For many, scaling may seem like the only way to get ahead of the competition. Focus on growing truly yourself as a craft business person, as a principled leader.

Digital Isn’t Always Better

Digital isn't always better. Have you noticed how automatic, motion-sensor paper towel dispensers are going back to manual pull down? Create enough headache with your latest technology and people will move their money back to the old thing. Every new upgrade should be...

2,000 New Followers Won’t Get You There

You don’t need the next perfect Instagram post. You don’t need the next 2,000 followers. The successes you need are on the other side of the hard won paradigm shift.

What Focusing on the Right Things Feels Like & Night Fires ??

What Focusing on the Right Things Feels Like & Night Fires ?? "What the crap SHOULD I focus on?" I can't tell you how many times I have heard a client say this. And, at higher levels of success, hitting new plateaus can be devastating. It not only can affect your own financial success,...