Enjoyable Work

Episode 221 – How to Build Craft

Episode 221 - How to Build Craft Nobody trusts that the local drunk is a person of craft. He might be, but the only thing people see when he stumbles out of the bar is that he is a drunk. He may even tell you in a sober moment about his great craft, but he is quickly...

Episode 220 – No Side Hustle Without a Main Mission

Episode 220 - No Side Hustle Without a Main Mission https://youtu.be/CnvE94Qbtn8 What is Side Hustle? All the gurus tell you to side-hustle. Wear it like a badge of honor! Gary V tells you to side-hustle. Others tell you to #hustleharder. Even my dad's voice resonates...

Superpower: Think About Thinking

I want you to think about thinking for a second. (Bear with me. We're going somewhere with this.) Thinking About Thinking First, stop where you are, take a seat, and rest for a moment. Think about your favorite trip. Close your eyes even and imagine it. Think of the...

Poem: What Did You Create Today?

What did you create today? What did you build? Did you shift and shape something that moved you? Or just incur another bill? Did you add to the list of your creations? Or put more cash in the till? Hit me up when you've built something worth while. I'll be shaping my...

Do You Create?

Do you create
  more than you consume?

In your busy life
  do you make room
for the act of creation,
  success’s womb,
to impact the world
  before you’re entombed?

Episode 216 – Character & Competence

II once hired someone at a coffee shop I managed for their character. When it came time for hustle, customer service, & leading; they failed miserable.

Episode 215 – Mission and Margin

You’ve got to have both Mission AND Margin to achieve your BIG GOAL.Mission needs Margin. Margin needs Mission. You can’t have one without the other.

Episode 214 – The Perfect Video Content Bull$h!t

Episode 214 - The Perfect Video Content Bull$h!t Video is obviously the next medium to take full hold. I think it may rock Instagram a bit, which still is primarily simply photos. But I meet a ton of people who are struggling to take the leap and do the video....